Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What's In A Name?

The name of this blog might seem a little bit strange, but its origin is not so complicated. Those who promote conspiracy theories about the Madrid bombings, lets call them the players, like to use chess as a metaphor for their political campaign. For them the whole strategy is based around achieving a state of checkmate against what they call the “official version” , a version of the attacks which doesn’t really exist as such, but which for the sake of convenience we can call a combination of the parliamentary enquiry into the attacks, government statements, anything published in media who don't openly support the conspiracy theories, and the judicial investigation.

All of this might seem quite innocent fun were it not for the fact that they are “playing” with an attack that left 191 people dead, and over 1700 injured. It would still not be so offensive were it not for the fact that they like to use the victims of the bombings as a shield behind which they hide the political nature of their campaign. In the worst cases they like to put themselves in the position of acting directly on behalf of the victims by demanding that the truth be told in their name. So that’s why this blog has this name, they are playing with the dead. They had many other, much less offensive, options for expressing their political opposition.

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