Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Slow Death Of The ETA Connection

The battle by Agustín Díaz de Mera, in charge of the Spanish police at the time of the Madrid bombings, to avoid prosecution for contempt of court continues. Díaz de Mera got into this mess because he decided to repeat in the trial a claim he had made on a pro-conspiracy theory radio programme; that an official report existed linking ETA to the Madrid bombings. The senior police officer that he eventually named as his source for this claim, Enrique García Castaño, has not only firmly denied having been a source for the claims, he has also made it clear that Díaz de Mera put him under intense pressure to help his "friend" out of the hole he had dug for himself. Immediately following the appearance of García Castaño in the trial, Díaz de Mera issued a statement calling him a liar and challenging him to a face to face confrontation before a judge. Obviously such a confrontation would just be the word of one man against another, in the absence of anyone else to offer evidence on the issue. The mistake Díaz de Mera made when he appeared in court, thinking that he could just casually introduce the conspiracy theory on ETA participation, without providing evidence, continues to haunt him.

In general things are going from bad to worse for the proponents of ETA participation in the bombings, not that this is likely to stop them from repeating the mantra. The appearance last week of the 3 ETA members demonstrated just how farcical the whole issue is, as those who had demanded the appearance of these witnesses showed themselves completely unable to confront them with any evidence at all demonstrating their connection to the train bombings. When the final results of the explosives analysis are released we can expect a huge amount of noise from the chess players because one single test on one single sample from many is said to have shown traces of nitroglycerine. The conspiracy theorists will claim this to be proof of the use of Titadine dynamite instead of Goma 2 Eco, and therefore proof of ETA involvement because Titadine has been used by them on several occasions. It is nonsense, and I will write in some detail on the issue when it comes up. It will be the only thing the faith based reasoners who so fervently desire any kind of connection to ETA have left to offer.

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