Monday, April 02, 2007

Imprisoned In Morocco....Abdelilah Hriz

A Moroccan citizen, Abdelilah Hriz has been cited as another of the material authors (those responsible for placing the bombs) of the train attacks. The accusation was announced after the beginning of the trial as a result of genetic profiles identifying him as having been present at some point in the apartment in Leganés where 7 of the group committed suicide in April 2004. His DNA has also been identified at the house in Morata de Tajuña where the bombs are said to have been prepared. He is believed to have been in Madrid between March and October or November of 2004. Apart from the DNA evidence, the investigating magistrate has claimed that Hriz formed part of a network dedicated to recruiting volunteers to fight in Iraq. He was arrested in Syria and deported to Morocco where he is currently held in prison.


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MoRocco said...

finally some good news after reading so much about the new attacks!
thanx for bringing it