Friday, February 16, 2007

Accused....Jamal Zougam

Jamal Zougam is a Moroccan citizen and is accused of being a material author of the train bombings. The prosecution seeks a total sentence for him of 38654 years, based on charges of belonging to a terrorist organisation, 191 charges of murder, 1824 charges of attempted murder, and criminal damage.

According to the judicial indictment, Zougam was seen by four witnesses on two of the trains involved in the attacks. He is also accused of having provided the cards of the mobile telephones that were used as the timers for the train bombs. Zougam has lived in Spain since 1985, and at the time of the bombings was running a "locutorio", a shop providing telephone call services.


Charles Butler said...

Hello Graeme,

Aren't you a breath of fresh air! Your post on the "conspiracy" and the what-if of a PP victory is commendable.


Graeme said...

Thank you Charles, there is plenty more to come!

Anonymous said...

Scapegoat in a Plot ?

Graeme said...

You wouldn't care to back that statement up with some evidence?