Thursday, February 22, 2007

We Want To Know....Where The Documents Are

"Queremos saber" (we want to know) is the favourite cry of many of the conspiracy theorists as they seek to convince Spain that the government is hiding what really happened on March 11th 2004. Well strangely enough for people with such an apparent thirst for knowledge, their curiosity has strict limits.

The government, formed by the Partido Popular, that was in power at the time of the train attacks continued to function for another month after they lost the elections on March 14th 2004. So they were still in power when virtually all of the important arrests were made, they were also in charge at the time of the siege of the flat in Leganés that led to the suicide of those inside. You would think that those who presided over the government of the country during this tense and crucial time, as the perpetrators were hunted by the police, would have much to tell about the sequence of events. More importantly, the documentation of meetings which took place at the time would be invaluable as a record of what decisions were taken during these weeks.

When the new government took office on April 17th 2004 they found that there was no documentation concerning the train bombings in the government offices, the outgoing administration had either removed or destroyed the documentation that recorded their actions between the 11th March and the day they left office. Yet for some reason none of those involved in promoting the conspiracy theories ever ask what happened to such potentially valuable documents, they certainly do not campaign to be told about their fate. Potentially crucial first-hand evidence was removed or destroyed and those who have filled thousands of pages with allegations of concealment have nothing at all to say on the matter.

Why? ¡Quiero Saber!



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Tom said...

I had forgotten about this vital detail. You're absolutely right. What did happen to those documents. I think we should start a new group. Like the Red Queens or something. Oh... hold on..