Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Events....March 11th 2004

This description of the the bombings is based on data contained in the judicial indictment. On the morning of March 11th 2004, 10 bombs exploded on commuter trains all travelling along the line connecting Alcalá de Henares with Atocha station in Madrid. A total of 13 bombs were placed on 4 different trains. Of the 3 bombs that did not explode, 2 were exploded in the stations where they were found by the police bomb disposal squad. The 13th bomb was not discovered on March 11th, it was found in the early hours of the next day amongst personal effects recovered from one of the trains. The time-line of the bombings is as follows:

All four trains left the station at Alcalá de Henares between 07:01 and 07:14 that morning. The explosions took place between 07:37 and 07:40, as described below:
  • Atocha Station (train number 21431) — Three bombs exploded on this train. Based on the video recording from the station security system, the first bomb exploded at 7:37, and two others exploded within 4 seconds of each other at 7:38.
  • Calle Telléz, (train number 17305), approximately 800 meters from Atocha Station — Four bombs exploded in different carriages of the train at approximately 7:39.
  • El Pozo del Tío Raimundo Station (train number 21435) — At approximately 07:38, just as the train was starting to leave the station, two bombs exploded in different carriages.
  • Santa Eugenia Station (train number 21713) — One bomb exploded at approximately 07:38.
The bombs killed 191 people and injured 1824.


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