Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Trial....Day 40, May 22nd

The Moroccan Islamic Combat Group

The witness Attila Turk was another witness declaring via videoconference link, this one from Versailles in France. The witness declared that he got to know Hassan el Haski in Paris in 2003. He declared that El Haski stayed at his home at one point, but that he cannot recall if this was before or after the Madrid bombings. He said that he could not recall having told the French police that El Haski was very nervous at the time of the attacks. The witness said that El Haski stayed 2 weeks and that he did not know where he went after that. He also testified on a meeting he attended where leadership of the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group was discussed, although he also stated that he did not know about this group.

Ahmed M'Saad was another witness declaring via the same link from Versailles. This witness was unsure when he first met El Haski, he believed it was in 2004. He said his mother and brother had stayed with El Haski at one point. He declared that El Haski was staying at his parents home until the 8th March 2004. The brother of this witness, Youssef M'Saad, also declared and said that he got to know El Haski in Syria when he accompanied his mother on a journey to that country. The witness confirmed that they stayed some days in El Haski's house. When El Haski was in France he stayed some time at the home of the witness, and then later with his parents. This was before the train bombings occurred. He said that at some point in April 2004, El Haski travelled to Belgium.

Police Experts

The police specialists 16365, 84114, 82663, 73929, 17855 and 82657 terminated their testimony on their reports concerning the telephones linked to the attacks by responding to questions from defence lawyers. .

Next appeared 2 expert witnesses in acoustic analysis, with numbers 78903 and 196, who testified on analysis of 3 video tapes connected to the bombings; one tape was left near the main mosque in Madrid shortly after the bombings and the other 2 were recovered from the wreckage of the apartment in Leganés. They declared that those who appeared in the tape found near the mosque were not the same as those appearing in the Leganés tapes; their voices were different.

Two other police specialists in DNA analysis, with numbers 21 and 176, testified on comparative DNA tests carried out on members of the family of Allekema Lamari. They said these tests coincided with a percentage of 99.9999999999991% with one of the genetic profiles found in Leganés. The analysis of the remains of the person identified as Allekema Lamari was carried out by police specialists 161 and 74131. They said they analysed a fragment of the person's head and compared it with police data.

Expert witnesses 31, 32 and 97 declared on an inspection made of the bodies found in the wreckage of the Leganés apartment. They declared that 2 bodies were identified genetically, 4 by other means, and 1 was unidentified. These experts also analysed date and olive stones found in Leganés and DNA extracted from these was later matched to that of Abdelmajid Bouchar. His DNA was also detected on a razor found at the house in Morata de Tajuña where the bombs are said to have been prepared. DNA from Mohamed Oulad Akcha, Rifaat Anouar, Abdennabi Kounjkaa, Allekema Lamari, Saed el Harrak, Jamal Ahmidam, Serhane ben Abdelmajid, Mohamed Belhadj, Hamid Ahmidam, Basel Ghalyoun, Otman el Ghanoui and Mohamed Bouharrat was also detected in tests on evidence or sites related to the bombings.

The final witness on this day was Mohamed Chettouf who testified on the translation he had made to Spanish of the recordings that the Italian police made of Rabei Osman el Sayed Ahmed. He also declared on other translations he had made of material recovered from Leganés.

Footnote: Little of note on this day, except that the case against Hassan el Haski continues to look fragile, even if the prosecution does link him to the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group that does not demonstrate his leading role in organising the Madrid bombings. Meanwhile, the DNA evidence establishes direct connections between sites related to the bombings and several of the accused.

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