Friday, May 18, 2007

The Trial....Day 36, May 10th

Tracking The Dynamite Used in the Bombs

This day in the trial saw a single appearance by a specialist from the Guardia Civil, identified by number Y-57188-A. This witness is a sergeant who was involved in the investigation into the source of the explosives used in the train bombs, and prepared a report on the issue. He testified that the explosive used was Goma 2 Eco manufactured by the company Unión Española de Explosivos based in Páramo de Masa. The judgement was based on examination of actual explosives and on wrappers recovered from the wreckage of the apartment in Leganés where 7 suspected members of the group who carried out the bombings blew themselves up.

The investigators tracked the identified batches of explosives from the factory to their destination. From the identification numbers found they were able to identify shipments delivered to the Conchita mine in Asturias in January and February 2004. The investigators also tracked shipments of detonators that matched those found at scenes associated with the train bombings. The shipments of Goma 2 Eco that they tracked were not delivered exclusively to the Conchita mine, but the detonators of the type recovered were only delivered to this mine. It was the only mine in Spain using these detonators. From the wrappings recovered from Leganés they were able to estimate that they had held approximately 90 kilos of explosives.

The witness stated that Conchita mine was out of the way and not somewhere where anyone would normally pass. He also stated that it was an area where it would not be difficult to hide significant quantities of explosive. He declared that the mine was operating a double accounting system, the real consumption was not revealed to inspectors from the Guardia Civil.

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