Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Key Evidence....The Van In Alcalá

On the day of the train bombings a Renault Kangoo van was discovered parked near to the railway station in Alcalá de Henares, where the trains that were bombed departed from. The van was taken to the headquarters of the forensic police, and underneath one of the front seats was found a plastic bag containing some detonators and a small piece of dynamite, Goma 2 Eco. Also found in the van was a cassette of Arabic chants, this clue was amongst the first that pointed towards possible Islamist involvement in the bombings. It is believed that this vehicle was the main one used to transport the bombs to Alcalá on that day. DNA traces of some of the accused have also been discovered inside the vehicle.

As with all crucial pieces of evidence in the case, the conspiracy theorists have done their very best to suggest that it was faked by the "real" authors of the bombings who would obviously need to count members of the police amongst their numbers. Seizing on some declarations by those who made initial visual inspections of the vehicle to the effect that they saw nothing significant inside the vehicle, the conspiracy theorists attempt to suggest that the van was filled with the incriminating evidence somewhere between Alcalá and the official recording of its contents in the police headquarters at Canillas. They produce no evidence of this being done, it's clear that if the detonators in a bag were found underneath a seat then they would not be seen from the outside of a vehicle. The claim is also made that the evidence must have been planted because a sniffer dog failed to detect the tiny piece of explosive that was in the same bag as the detonators. One thing that the trial has clearly demonstrated is that such methods are anything but infallible.

The Guardian - Who's to blame? The long search for clues to blasts begins

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