Sunday, November 04, 2007

Los Hechos Probados....The Members Of The Cell

The sentence identifies the following people as being members of a "jihadist" terrorist cell that planned and carried out the train bombings:

Accused In The Trial:

Rabei Osman el Sayed Ahmed
Hassan el Haski
Youssef Belhadj
Abdelmajid Bouchar
Jamal Zougam
Basel Ghalyoun
Otman el Gnaoui
Mohamed Larbi Ben Sellam
Rachif Aglif
Mouhannad Almallah Dabas
Fouad el Morabit Amghar
Mohamed Bouharrat
Saed el Harrak
Hamid Ahmidan

Killed in the Leganés explosion:

Serhane Ben Abdelmajid
Jamal Ahmidan
Mohamed Oulad Akcha
Rachid Oulad Akcha
Abdennabi Kounjaa
Rifaat Anouar Asrih
Allekema Lamari
A still unidentified eighth person

Footnote: Not included in those listed by the sentence are suspected members of the group who escaped in the aftermath of the bombings, perhaps because the court has not been required to examine their involvement. If caught, they willl have to face trial although at least two are believed to have died in Iraq. More obviously, those involved in the supply of the explosives are also not named as part of the cell itself, as well as some other more marginal collaborators. Note the inclusion of Rabei Osman El Sayed Ahmed. Not sentenced to any prison term, he is still included in the group; which confirms the general impression that he was not sentenced as a member of a terrorist group in Spain because he has already been convicted of that offence in Italy.

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