Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Explosives Analysis....The Latest Results

The issue of the explosives analysis that I wrote about at the beginning of the trial is still moving forwards, although the final test results are not going to be submitted until the comparative tests on a sample of Titadine have been carried out. Titadine is of course the conspiracy theorists favourite explosive because it has been used on several occasions by ETA, and the sample to be tested is due to come from some Titadine that was being transported by a captured ETA commando.

The latest results that have emerged from the tests show quantitative results on the concentration of dinitrotoluene (DNT) found in the samples tested. DNT is present in almost all of the samples of Goma 2 Eco dynamite that have been tested, and it is present in such a minimal concentration that it suggests contamination of the explosive, rather than the presence of DNT as a component. Goma 2 Eco is the dynamite stolen from a mine in Asturias which has been found at all relevant sites connected to the train bombings.

Despite this clearly established finding, the conspiracy theorists continue to ignore the data showing DNT being present in the Goma 2 Eco sample, or when they don’t ignore it they try to suggest that any contamination must have been deliberate. However, the chess players try to have it both ways, suggesting that the presence of DNT means that another explosive must have been used, and at the same time insinuating that someone has also added it to the Goma 2 Eco. Why anyone would choose to deliberately contaminate the Goma 2 Eco with a substance that is not a recognised component of this same explosive is beyond my comprehension, but bear in mind we are dealing with conspiracy theorist logic here; the normal rules do not apply.

Unfortunately for the followers of the conspiracy theories, the levels of DNT found from the tested samples come nowhere near to the proportion that is needed to equal that found in Titadine, but this small but important detail will not prevent a concerted and noisy attempt to suggest otherwise when the final report is submitted.

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