Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We Want To Know....Free The Madrid 29!

Free the Madrid 29! This is a slogan that none of us have heard being shouted on the streets of Spain’s capital city, nor have we seen it on posters pasted onto the walls of buildings around the city. Yet it is another curious feature of those who so loudly proclaim that the real perpetrators of the Madrid bombings are not those who have been formally accused, that at no point do they ever call for the release of those who are currently on trial and who face considerable jail terms if found guilty.

The general attitude of supporters of the conspiracy theories towards those who have been arrested and accused of committing the bombings is almost always condescending, and frequently racist. Most of the accused are referred to as “los moritos” (the little Moors), a description which focuses on their origin, but which is also intended to suggest that none of them are significant enough to have possibly carried out such a major attack. So there we have the paradox, how can it be that people who claim to believe the true authors of the attacks are still free do nothing to campaign for the release of those, who by the same criteria, must surely be innocent of the charges they face?

Why? ¡Quiero saber!

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